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Why Run a Phishing Campaign?

Comprehensive Resources

Identify Vulnerabilities

Understand where your organization is most susceptible to phishing attacks and address weaknesses before they can be exploited by real threats.

Easy-To-Use Tools

Measure Training Effectiveness

Evaluate the impact of your existing cybersecurity training programs and identify areas for improvement to ensure ongoing employee preparedness.

Tailored for SMBs

Train Employee Awareness

Train your employees to recognize and respond to phishing attempts, reducing the likelihood of successful attacks and fostering a security-conscious culture.

Stay Ahead of Threats

Boost Security & Compliance

Stay compliant with industry standards and regulations by regularly testing your organization’s phishing defenses and maintaining up-to-date protocols.

Testimonial - Betty

"The Satelight team has been critical in keeping our business secure. I used to stress over how keeping all of our sensitive systems and data safe, but they've made it so much simpler for me."

Betty Barefoot, GM @ Sundial Inn

A Little About Us

At Satelight IT, our team brings over 20 years of experience in enterprise software, IT, and cybersecurity. We saw firsthand that SMBs face the same cybersecurity challenges as larger companies but often lack the resources to tackle them. That's why we created Satelight IT — to bridge this gap. Our team of passionate technology experts is dedicated to helping businesses like yours thrive in an increasingly digital world. With extensive experience across multiple industries, we tailor our solutions to meet our clients' unique needs, and are dedicated to keeping them secure and leveraging the best technology to support their growth.